Reasons For Getting Sick After Travelling In A Long Flight

You just got off an international flight and it took you around 10 hours to travel! Now after getting off, you are feeling the cold inside. This is a very common problem faced by many individuals while travelling on long flights. This is a regular problem and the crowd in the flight cannot be solely responsible for this problem.  You might be very healthy but taking a long flight can make you feel sick and tired once you get off the flight. But do we actually know the reason for getting sick just after getting off the long flight? The cabins of most airlines are mostly clean and hygienic however instead of that we tend to become sick after a long journey in the flight.

There could be many reasons behind this health hazard however some of the reasons are listed below:
  1. Germs are bound to spread when many people stay together in a cabin even if for few hours. This is because the pressurised metal tube tends to become full of germs. In case, if your partner who is seating next to you is sick, you will also catch up with the germs and fall sick.
  2. The breeding ground for germs is the tray tables on the back of the seats. The microbiologists have come up with the fact that major bacterial hotspots are these tray tables.  A noteworthy fact is the flush buttons in aeroplanes washroom are cleaner than these tray tables.
  3. Another place where the germs breed the most is the aeroplane bathrooms. The germs like E Coli bacteria are found in the washrooms of the aeroplanes. It has been advised to avoid touching any surface in the washroom especially the seats of the toilets and flush buttons by the healthcare professionals.
  4. Another important reason is the body clock system needs time to adjust and acclimatise with the new environment. That is why you often fall sick and your body takes time to recover.

Now, the question is how will a flyer deal with these health hazards and remain healthy and fit. While travelling in the flight, ensure to maintain hygiene and use hand sanitizers and disposable gloves. In order to match your travel destination, you should start changing your body-clock system a few days before your journey. This will be helpful for you as it will help you acclimatise better and prompter.

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