Reduce Menstrual Cramps During Periods

Are your monthly cycles really dreadful due to painful periodic cramps? There are many women who suffer from periods which are very painful. Some women are not aware of the natural remedies that can help relieve the pain. There are many women who take painkillers when the pain becomes unbearable but with some simple strategies, the pain can be reduced. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, too much pain during menstruation is known as stagnation.  The meaning of stagnation is devoid of energy and in case of menstruation, it is the blood which flows through an organ.

The following steps could be followed that will help you get away with the excessive contraction during your monthly cycle.

  • First and foremost, throughout the month supplement yourself with calcium and magnesium.  The nutrients like calcium and magnesium help the muscles to relax. You should aim towards intaking around 1000 mg of calcium daily and 500 mg magnesium everyday. In case, if you suffer from loose motion, you should reduce the dose. It is advisable to have calcium citrate that gets absorbed in the system easily than calcium carbonate.
  • Mild uterine tonic is the raspberry leaf. Throughout the month, try to have a cup of raspberry leaf tea. You should look for the herbal tea instead of raspberry-flavoured black tea.
  • Dietary source of calcium, magnesium and other micronutrients are dark leafy greens. Muscle contractions can be controlled with these nutrients. Dark green vegetables help in mild cleansing which is needed by the body during the stagnation period.
  • The blood vessels constrict if you have a habit of having caffeine which is a vasoconstrictor. The vessels tighten when you have coffee. You will definitely notice a change, if you cut down drinking coffee just a week before your period commences.
  • A simple way to reduce your muscle cramps is a heating pad or hot water bottle.
  • The blood flow through the abdominal cavity is regulated by certain acupuncture points and they help relax the nervous system. This can help reduce the contractions of the muscles. Acupuncture is more effective than over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines that can help reduce the muscular pain.  These changes would help better digestion in the body.
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