Ricciardo Loath Biting His Lips Over And Over Resulted in a Surgery

Ricciardo loath to keep biting his lips

Daniel Ricciardo is a formula one driver of Australia. No one knew that he is having a bad habit of biting his lips. He never even showed such behaviour in any press conference. He also never showed such behaviour in any of his interview. But recently this habit of biting lips led him to a surgery.

The bad habit of Daniel Ricciardo is not a healthy one. He was having a habit of biting his lips which may be due to tention or nervousness. No one knew this fact of Daniel Ricciardo.

Daniel Ricciardo was only 28 years old. He won the China Grand Prix two weeks ago. A photograph reveals that there was a lump on his lower lips. This lump on the lower lips was noticeable during his celebration after the victory. He drank winner’s Champagne from the racing shoe, and this made the lump more noticeable.

Verdict of Daniel Ricciardo

According to Daniel Ricciardo he was having a tendency of biting his lips. This tendency led him to a minor surgery. He was having the surgery because of the infection. The wierd thing took place in Bahrain. The infection took place because of biting the lips over and over again.

So he went to take out the infection in London. In London he was also having a stitch because of the surgery done to remove the infection. He was having a very little but valuable time for relaxing after the win at Shanghai. He got less time to relax because he was preparing for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix that took place in Baku.

Contract of Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo took birth in Perth. He is a driver for the Red Bull. His contract with the Red Bull will expire after this season ends. According to news there was a link for a possible move to Mercedes or Ferrari. But on this Thursday that is on 26th of April 2018 he told reporters that he was having words with Red Bull team only. With Red Bull team he was having the words of racing future.

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