Most Safest and Unsafe State in India

Every year by the department of Gender Vulnerability Index under Ministry of Women and Child Development a table displayed which show the most safest and unsafe state of India for women and children. There are so many factors on which department decide the state wise index. Those factors are such as women security and safety, education level of women and children, health and poverty level of a particular state.

In this year also (2017) GVI issued a list of state with most safest and unsafe state in India for women. So according to GVI Goa is the safest state of India for women in terms of security and crime towards womenGoa stood first in terms of safest tourist destination for people in India.

GVI also give name of that state which is unsafe for women in India. Taking the safety of females and their health condition Bihar is poorest among all the states in India. Even in terms of education also, this state rank least among all of the states.

On the scale of 0 to 1 GVI ranked the states according to different factors. These surveys take place under the Ministry of Women and Child Development. The performance of the states has been considered better if GVI is closer to one. So according to this scale Goa scored 0.656 and Bihar scored 0.410. On the other hand national average according to GVI is 0.5314. So the condition of Goa is far much better than overall average.

Goa scored under first ten ranking for other scaling factors. In education state got 5th rank. For health Goa is on 6th rank and for poverty this state is on 8th place. Along with Goa, Kerala, Mizoram, Sikkim and Manipur have cemented themselves in this ranking.

Department published this report on Wednesday (01-11-2017). In that list along with Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Delhiare most vulnerable states for girls. Even our Capital Delhi (0.436) ranked low than Jharkhand (0.450). UP scored 0.434 less than national capital. Due to bad track record of education and protection Delhi Index of GVI got affected.

We are the citizen of India. We always want that every state of India score number 1 place in term of every factor which provides the best environment to live in. It will develop us and country as well.

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