Scientist Discovered New DNA Tool For Catching Criminals

There was a discovery of the novel tool by the scientist. The discovery of the tool can lead the police in catching the criminals. This DNA tool has the accurate capability of prediction.

This DNA tool can predict eye, skin colour and hair from tiny DNA samples taken from the crime scenes. This tool provides the physical description of a man or a woman. This was not possible by the use of traits of three pigments by the use of freely available web tool.

DNA tool that can catch criminals by small DNA samples from the crime scene

This is an all-in-one pigmentation tool. This gives a physical description of a person. The physical description includes the colour of the skin, hair and about the eye of the person. This DNA tool will hence be very useful for the police department.

The DNA tool helps in the cases where the standard DNA profiling does not work. There is a DNA system known as the HIrisPlex-S which can predict the eye, hair and skin of a person.

How to use the DNA tool and how will it help

They can predict with the help of DNA. There are many users like the anthropologist and law enforcement officials. They can enter relevant data using the tool of canalysis. After this, the web tool will help in predicting the pigment profile of the DNA donor.

The scientists have previously helped with DNA tools to the law enforcement officials and anthropologist for an eye. But according to a forensic scientist of India University, the skin colour prediction is very difficult.

They are predicting the actual skin colour that is in a five type division. The five types are very pale, pale, intermediate, dark and dark to black. The process is not at all similar to the identification of genetic ancestry.

When asked about identification of a person, the witness often tells about the hair colour and structure of the criminal. This is for the first time that this tool is helping in detecting the eye, hair and skin colour information. The detection takes place with the help of DNA sample and this is for the first time.

This DNA tool will surely help the police department in catching the criminals very quickly and reduce the amount of crime. So this is the first step towards a major discovery of detecting the criminals.

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