Stay Fit And Relish Food During This New Year

During the New Year Eve, we all tend to eat more and it reaches its peak on December 31st, 2017. But have you ever thought how to keep yourself fit and not put on extra weight during the New Year?  During this time of the year, we eat and drink a lot starting from starters to alcohol.  All these add up to our weight and all these excess weights can accumulate on your waistline and if you really unlucky it will be seen on your face. Now the question is while having a great time during the New Year how could you get fit and remain in shape.

Here are some tips for keeping fit without gaining any weight during this New Year.
  • Control The Portion:

Irrespective of what you are gulping in, it is always advisable to have the food in small bites. Hence always go for a small portion. It is very important to control your temptation and keep a check on the quantity of food that you are eating. This will help you to stay fit and also control your daily calorie intake.

  • Homemade Sweets:

During this time of the year, we indulge ourselves in consuming sweets. It is recommended to eat the sweets in small bites and relish the taste of it. If you relish the taste for a long time it will certainly control your urge and help you take time in consuming the next one. Another alternative is to try having homemade sweets made of jaggery and dry fruits. You should keep in mind that sweets made of jaggery and dry fruits control the calorie intake.

  • Water Intake:

It is advisable to stay hydrated with juices, smoothies and coconut water. Try to have any citrus fruits so that it can help you sip throughout the day.

  • Indulge Yourself In Walking:

While attending parties, try to walk off as much as you can. While walking in just a span of 30 minutes, you burn off 200 calories.If might be difficult to hit the gym, however, you can practise some stretching exercises while sitting at your desk.

  • Check On The Amount Of Sugar And Salt Level:

If you take salt in high levels, it will cause swelling and puffiness in your body. So, stay away from taking too much salt.

  • Choose Your Own Drink:

While you enjoy the party, choose your drink. Settle yourself for wine instead of cocktails or beers.

  • Plan Dinner Accordingly:

If you have consumed too much during the day, try to have a glass of milk or fruit salad or try some low carb diets during dinner.

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