Teachers is Better Than Online Tutoring

The trendsetter in today’s education is online tutoring or coaching.  Nowadays, there are many educational institutes that are following the virtual route; however, there are still many educational institutes who are following classroom teaching. The classroom teaching is more effective when compared to online teaching and it has been proved by the research.

Mentioned below are the benefits of classroom tutoring that online tutoring does not have:

  • Collaborative Learning Is Promoted Through Classroom Teaching

To promote and stimulate collaborative learning, classroom environment is necessary. A student’s self-awareness about the process of learning of other students gets increased through collaborative learning. This helps them to learn easily and transforms them into good learners in the long run.

  • Critical Thinking Skills Are Enhanced

The critical thinking skills of a student are enhanced through classroom teaching.  If a student is taught in a classroom, the students get opportunities to engage themselves in live discussions and they are compelled to use critical thinking skills to argue or give opinion.

  • Social Skills Get Improved

While the students study in a classroom, they interact socially with peers and develop rapport with their teachers.  Along with giving academic training to the students, social developments of the students are also essential.

  • Organisational Skills Are Built

The students get a chance to develop organizational skills through classroom teaching. They begin learning the basic things like going to school on time. In classrooms, the students are asked to do school and home work.  Through this, their organizational skills are developed. They learn how to organize their time and prioritize work.

  • Students Are Kept Stimulated

In a classroom, the students are kept engaged in different interesting and interactive activities and the presence of a teacher keeps the students motivated and stimulated. If the students are stimulated, they can learn and retain more in a classroom.

  • Teachers Can Change Their Teaching Style According To The Requirement Of The Student Based on the type of the learner, the teachers can modify or change their teaching style. The visual learners are helped through classroom activities and auditory learners can be motivated through interactions.  Before the teacher moves to the next topic, the students can get their doubts clarified.\
  • Career Building Skills And Personality Is Developed

Various skills like conflict resolving skills and presentation skills are inculcated through classroom teaching.  It shapes the communication and listening skills of the student and also helps the student to grow.

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