The Heli -Taxi Service Will Take You From Shimla to Chandigarh Within 20 Minutes

Jai Ram Thakur is the chief minister of Himachal Pradesh. Jai Ram Thakur started the flagging off of the Heli Taxi Service on Monday that is on 4th of June. Till now people can avail the Heli Taxi Service on Mondays and Fridays.

This is a good news for the people travelling very often from Chandigarh To Shimla. The Heli Taxi Service will be very useful to them. They Heli-taxi will cover the distance at around 20 minutes. The service will start at the Jubbar-Hatti airport. Distance is around 22 kilometres from Shimla.

The charges for the Heli Taxi Service are Rs 2,999. The flight will start its journey from 8 am and the return journey will be from 9 am. Pawan Hans is the air travel services which will reduce the time to 20 minutes. You can purchase the ticket from is the website for the Pawan Hans air travel services. To sell the tickets there is also a special counter at the airport. National air carrier has set up this special counter.

Extension of the Heli-taxi service and other services provided by different airlines

The extension of the Heli-taxi service will also take place. The extension will take place till Manali and Rohtang Pass. Exploration is also going on the Heli-taxi joyrides. The Heli-taxi joyrides will be for Chamba, Dharamshala and Shikari Devi. There are also helicopter services to Amarnath pilgrims and to other places on the hills. Pawan Hans provides these helicopter services.

There are also many private airlines that started this service. They started the service under the regional connectivity scheme known as the UDAN. The private airlines started the service at a very low price. They will also be rolling out the services to many other routes. Under this scheme, the Jet Airways will be starting the services on Allahabad-Patna and Lucknow-Allahabad routes. The Jet Airways will start the service from 14th of June and they provide the service thrice a week. Not only that, they will also start the service on Delhi-Nashik route from 15th of June. The most important point is that they will keep the fare as low as Rs 967 on certain routes.

These are the latest updates on Heli Taxi Service and for more updates please follow Market Update.

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