The Land of Samoa

There are many paradises on earth which nature has gifted and among these enumerable places carrying this natural gift few are breathtaking and give the feel of the heaven in earth. Such a destination is Samoa, situated in the western part of Samoan islands which are in the South Pacific Ocean. It is also known as the Independent State Of Samoa. There are two major islands of this region the Opolu and the Savai, and this country is an oceanic country having its own cultural customs. The Samoa holiday packages are the conducted tours which are arranged by the tourism government in the country.

Samoa is an independent country and received its independence from New Zealand recently in the year 1962. Most of the population is Christian but the region has strong influence of many other religions too. The Bhahai, Buddhists, Hindus, Baptists and Jews also are settled here. There is freedom of religion in this country which makes it so unique to understand and enjoy. The capital city Apia is in the Upolu Island, which is a must visit so for the next holidays, plan to visit this extraordinary destination the land of heritage, culture and language.

The Major Places To Be Visited

Fale Fono, Upolu

In 1972 this new parliament building was built, which has a unique architectural design beautifully following the tenets of the traditional Samoan Fale era.

Welcome To The Land of Samoa

Safotu Church

This church is an example of the Neo-Baroque style. It is adorned with two pillars which make the structure more ethnic with beautiful carvings.

Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

This museum was earlier the home of famous poet Robert Louis Stevenson where he stayed for the last few years of his life, it is situated in the city of Apia. It houses all the belonging of this poet who was also referred as the Tusila or the teller of tales by the local people. Inside the museum there is also a small burial place where this poet was buried.

The Parks And Gardens

There are many camping grounds and reservation parks in the region namely,

  • Shoreline Reserve Park
  • Triumphant life camp
  • Eureka mobile village
  • Redwood acres
  • Elk River Boy Scout camp
  • Mad river rapids reserve park

Welcome To The Land of Samoa

Papapapaitai Falls

The cascading and huge waterfall plunges from around a height of 500 feet straight into a volcanic crater. It is situated in Apia and is a sight never to be forgotten.

Mt Vaea

This mountain just outside the city of Upolu and the most adventure place for trekking up through the easy naturally made footpath to the top and enjoy the beautiful scenic view from there.

Fuipisia Falls

Situated in Alui this free falling water fall is 55 m in height and is surrounded by lush green tropical rains forests making it more irresistible.

Welcome To The Land of Samoa

Alofa’aga Blowholes

In Palauli this is the rarest among the few of the strong blow holes found in the world. Here the water fountains rise up to the height of 30 m from the ground level. It is a sight never to forget.

Tau coral colony

It is one of ancient coral colony and is situated in the southwest of Tau Island. it is fresh and healthy and sizes to 7meter tall and 40 meter high in circumference containing 200 different types of polyps in it.

Piula cave pool

This pool is on the beach of Piula and the rocky beach separates it from the sea. The water is quite refreshing and distresses body, local people advice to take a dip in these waters.

Saleaula lava field

This is a lava filed which flowed from the nearby Mount Matavanu long back and had buried 5 villages. The spot now has the spectacular sight of the ruins of the church which was filled with the flowing lava. There is also a burial place named as Virgin’s grave where the nuns were buried, this grave was not destructed by the lava and still stands intact.

Welcome To The Land of Samoa

Savalalo Flea Market

This flea market is the place where you can pick up all the unique different kinds of Samoan handicrafts, both traditional and locally made. Starting from intricate hand crafted wood carvings, to beautiful ava bowls, printed lavalavas in every color, woven pandanus mats etc. These items are all made by villagers using natural materials.

Old Apia Market, Apia

This is a very bustling street market which offers many interesting local handicrafts, and while buying the tourists can also enjoy the process of making these handicrafts by the local villagers.

There are numerous open markets, of fish and other sea food products around the region from where some local food can also be collected. There is also a farmer’s market where different vegetables and grains are sold.

Welcome To The Land of Samoa

The Local cuisine

This region holds a very long and complex history of migratory movements in the whole history of its population. And it is reflected on the local Samoan cuisine which is lightly spiced with the use of coconut milk and cream. Some of the most popular Samoan foods include shellfishPork a Chickentaro, bananas, coconut and breadfruit. They have a unique method of cooking various foods in the Samoan Umu, which is a traditional cooking above the ground stone oven heated by glowing hot lava rocks. Western Samoan people are very fond of fishes and their dishes.

Welcome To The Land of Samoa

Adventure activities

The main adventurous activities of the region is mountain hiking, forest strolling and various water sports. The marine life here is very good so travelers prefer for under water diving, even scuba diving. There are proper beach clubs who arrange the various beach sports and give full enjoyment and feel of the island’s adventurous trip. The caves and falls have a unique feature in the forests strolling experience and is never to be missed while staying there.

Best time to visit Samoa

The best time to visit Samoa is during the dry season from the month of May to October. A less comfortable time to arrive is during the rainy season which lasts from November and April. Many Samoan tourism packages are designed and arrange in such a way that the tourists can enjoy all the different cultural and weather specialties and the major attraction during the time of visit. The rainfall here occurs at night and the main discomfort is that of the higher levels of humidity. Samoa is specially booked by people to get the glimpses of this spectacular island region and the country which has such a blind mixture of culture andheritage saved and protected from ancient times.

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