The Scandal of Facebook – Collection of Data Even When You Are Not Logged in

Facebook is a social media site. People are using this site for their own fun in order to find their friends with whom contact is lost. People can share pictures and also talk about messages with them. The CEO of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg. This idea was one of the most brilliant ideas and in turn, also gained a huge success.

People also use Facebook for their business purpose in giving ads. Sharing of information also takes place through Facebook. Till a few weeks ago there were no scandals of Facebook. But recently involvement of Mark Zuckerberg in a scandal related to mishandling of the data took place.

The Scandal of Facebook in The Mishandling of Data

The scandal of Facebook is taking place due to mishandling of the user data. It confirmed on Monday that is on 16th of April, that it collects information from people. The collection of information is beyond the social network use.

During the time of heated hearings that took place last week in Congress, Mark Zuckerberg explained some facts. Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg gave an explanation about the collection of data. The collection of data is beyond the sharing done by the people on their profiles.

If people visit the site or app that uses the service of Facebook then Facebook receives information. Receiving of information also continues if a person is logged out or not having an account on Facebook. David Baer gave the above statement in a post on a social network’s blog. David Baser is the product management director.

App and Sites Don’t Know Who All Are Using Facebook

The scandal of Facebook took place because many sites and apps don’t know about the people using Facebook. Facebook followed Congress on a few questions where Mark Zuckerberg was speechless.

David Baser said that for targeting contents and ads many apps and websites use the service on Facebook. This also includes the social network’s share and like button. This takes place when people are using their Facebook account for logging in to another app or website. The post also claimed that many apps and websites send the same information to different companies. Sending of information takes place each time a user visits the apps or websites.

Main Ways in Which Facebook Uses Information

There are three important ways of using the information received from other websites and apps by Facebook. These ways include the supply of services to these apps and websites, Improving security and safety on Facebook. Last but not the least, Facebook uses this information to enhance their own services and products.

In a statement, Mark Zuckerberg stated that Facebook doesn’t sell people’s data period. But however, Facebook failed to protect people’s information.

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