The Skeleton Lake in Roopkund – India

There is a lake named skeleton lake in India. The name skeleton lake is very weird and terrifying in itself. We assumed as there were thousands of terrifying stories behind this skeleton lake. These assumptions were considered right also before knowing the exact fact about skeleton lake of India.

What is Skeleton Lake:-

Almost 5000 meters above sea level in Uttarakhand (India) there is a lake situated as Skeleton Lake. The original name of skeleton lake is Roopkund Lake. But more than 500 human skeleton was discovered there and that why this lake is also known as skeleton lake. Skeleton lake is located in uninhabited high mountain region of Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.

This lake mostly covered with snow but as summer arrived snow begins to melt and skeletons of human bodies appeared in and side by the lake.  Isn’t it shocking? The discovery was made but there was no information available about these skeletons. No one knows how long they had been there, or what had happened.

Stories behind Skeleton Lake:-

  • In 1942 a British patrol in Roopkund, (Uttarakhand), India made a shocking discovery of skeleton lake. Few of the skeletons were discovered at the bottom of the lake while it was frozen. As summer came, and the frozen lake melted, more skeletons were revealed in the lake, and around the lake’s edges. These skeletons were initially thought to be the bodies of Japanese soldiers who had died of exposure while travelling through India as part of a World War II The cause of this mass death is assumed to be a massive landslide or blizzard.
  • Due to frozen climate at this altitude has aided in the preservation of hair, soft tissue, and leather clothing, prompting everyone to believe these was recent deaths. In 2004 Indian and European scientists researched these preservations obtained from the site. The DNA test revealed that there were mainly two groups of people. One marked by the shorter stature of the skeletons while the other is significantly taller people who were closely related to Kokanastha Brahmins of Maharashtra. It was assumed that they may catch by an avalanche.
  • Soon after it when scientists researched more they found a common factor in all skeletons. All deaths were the result of something falling from above. Sudden and severe hailstorm considered a new reason for all these deaths. So a new story came into light that these skeletons were thought to be the king of Kanauj, who was traveling with his pregnant wife and servants. As they traveled they overcome by a strong hailstorm and no one escaped and died together.


Whatever is the real fact behind all these skeletons of skeleton lake, but it is a very beautiful place to visit which is full of adventure. It attracts the people and considered as a beautiful trek. Skeleton lake is very beautiful in winters as well as in summers with a dark black secret of all skeletons.

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