These 4 Hidden Toxins To Lose Weight

Are you really trying your best to shed those extra kilos? Trying out different diet plans to keep yourself in shape, however, you are still not getting the end results? You have noticed that your progress is zero however, you have cut down the quantity of food. We should not forget that we live in an environment where there is a free use of pesticides and chemicals and no food is made without preservatives these days. The fruits, vegetables and cattle are treated with different hormones and antibiotics so that they look bigger and healthier. Once we intake this food, our bodies store these substances and it is difficult to flush them out of our body. They get accumulated in the fat cells in the form of toxins and they lead to weight gain.

Artificial Sweeteners

People have the habit of cutting down their sugar consumption by substituting it with artificial sweeteners.  You should remember that artificial sweeteners can help increase weight gain and high blood pressure. Do not consume sucra lose, saccharin or aspartame.


There are many bad effects of pesticides on the body and the most dangerous one is mimic estrogen. The body’s ability to build lean muscles is reduced by this pesticide and the fat storage capacity of the body increases. It is advisable to consume organic fruits and vegetables. You should consume raw food item properly before intaking it.

Corn Syrup With High Fructose

The high fructose corn syrup helps to increase weight and obesity. Hence, you should stay away from corn syrup with high fructose. While buying the products, do not forget to read the labels of the products that you are buying.

Trans-Fatty Acids

Food cooked in hydrogenated oils causes low metabolism thus increasing the cholesterol levels in your body. You should always try to consume food that is rich in fibre to stay fit and healthy.

Steps To Detox

  • Stay away from processed, fast and refined food. Try to consume fresh food products instead.
  • Try to drink as much as water you can. Drinking at least 3 litres of water per day is definitely good for your health.
  • Food that you are going to consume should thoroughly be cooked so that the harmful bacteria get destroyed if there is any in the food.
  • Try to eat organic food and cut down the consumption of pesticides and chemicals. Organic food is grown without these harmful chemicals and pesticides.
  • Do not forget to hit the gym almost everyday. Through regular exercise, the toxins that get stored in the body helps to the breakdown of fat cells and flush out the chemicals.
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