Top Cities to Live in After Retirement in India

Top cities to live in after retirement in India are very easy to choose. After retirement people choose a well managed space to live in. A place where they can spend their old age with all basic necessities. In old age we should choose a place which is easy accessible to roads, rails and even with air ways. There are so many beautiful cities in India.

But top cities should be selected in such a way which will provide all basic needs on our door step with good temperature also. In this article we describe you top cities to live in after retirement in India. After retirement we can not choose too cold and too hot place to live for our old age time. So selection of the city should be according to our body’s requirement is also very important. So here are some top cities to live in after retirement in India.


A city which is known as city beautiful is a perfect city to live in after retirement. It is the first planned city of India. After retirement it is perfect to live because of many reason. Pollution free environment, low crime rate, pleasant weather and good standard of living are some reasons to make this city first choice from some best cities to live in after retirement.


Pondicherry is a city which is offering healthy and active lifestyle to senior citizens. Even Real Estate investors are also spending their capital to make comfortable homes for senior citizen. along with this the moderate temperature of city make it more comfortable for those who wants to buy a new home after retirement.


Kasauli is a very beautiful city in the lap of Himachal. Himachal is always a first preference of people to live in. But according to the needs of senior citizen Kasauli in the best hilly city to live in after retirement. Chandigarh is very near to this place and it is well connected by roads. Other facilities like healthcare, entertainment factors and markets are available here. Residence are also available at fine prices.

Port Blair:

Port Blair is one of the top 100 smart cities of India. It is a bit expensive cities in India. But the people who love to stay in moderate temperature with sea-shores Port Blair is a heaven for those. It well connected with other cities also. After retirement all the basic necessities are available in the city. Private transport is the best way to travel in whole city.


From top cities to live in after retirement in India Goa is one another name. Purchasing a home in Goa is still very affordable. Along with this the cool fun environment of Goa can make senior citizens to live their lives again with lots of fun. It is a famous tourist place so it is well equipped with basic necessities.


People who love to live in hills after retirement Dehradun is another city to live in after retirement. Recently luxury homes for senior citizen has doubled the tradition to live in Dehradun after retirement. There are so many places to explore after retirement. Affordable houses are also available in Dehradun.

With the help of this article you can choose a city to live in after your retirement. But the choice should be make according to your health conditions. These are some top cities to live in after retirement in India. May be these cities can help you to choose you dream home city after retirement.

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