The Tropical Destination of Paraguay

Tropical destinations are always the prime focus for the tourists to visit as their flexible and adoring climate is moment to be relished. Among the most common and frequently visited tourist destination is South America is Paraguay which has a rich cultural and historic value. This wonderful country which has a combination of rustic life and the sophisticated urban life and is a country rich in natural resources in the continent and famous for the tropical climate and beautiful panoramic views which spreads in a vast section with beautiful mountains and valleys.

The eastern region adorns itself with the beautiful green mountains which have the small foothills and various lakes and ponds, and dense tropical forests. Most of the major cities in the country are all situated in this region. The western region has the vast stretch of land which is rich and valuable in its ecological and biological reserves. This area is also least populated territory in the country stretching to a vast region.

Best Places To Be Visited

The Chaco

It is a fort which lays nine lies from the city of Neuland. It is a museum which exhibits the war time’s artifacts which were used in the war between the Paraguay and Bolivia in the year 1932. It speaks about the rich historical background of the wartime culture and the government handling of the region.

The Tropical Destination Of Paraguay

Casa De La Independencia

This monument is also commonly known as the house of independence is the national historical monument which was built in the 1700. It is a reminder of the Paraguayan independence struggle

Ciudad Del Este

It is the largest generator of hydrochloric power in the whole world. It stands on the bed of the Parana River and is 65 stories tall. The dam on this river connects Paraguay with Brazil. Both these nations share the ownership of this property. It is truly a spectacular monument to be seen

Casa De Los Diputados

Situated in the capital city of Asuncion, it was a military college which is now converted into a cultural center. It is built in a typical Spanish style of architecture and houses many offices of the members of the congress.

The Tropical Destination Of Paraguay

Museo Del Barro

The name is derived from mud, it is also known as the museum of mud. It showcases the ceramic art for which Paraguay is famous for. It also displays different clay masks, figures and sculptures and some ancient paintings.

Museo De La Estacion Central Del Ferrocarril Carlos Antonio Lopez

It is a train museum housed inside the formal central station of Ferrocarril Carlos Antonio Lopez. Paraguay was the first country to have the railroads in America so this museum is a national heritage of the region.

Parque Nacional Ybycui

It is the National Park of Paraguay which houses the last remaining sub-tropical rain forest of the region. It a spectacular sight to visit and is covered with steep hills, creeks, different cascading waterfalls and swimming holes. It is a great place to experience the beauty of the virgin rainforest. There is no wildlife here but the beauty of the forest is the colorful breeding of different types of butterflies.

The Tropical Destination Of Paraguay

The Iguassu Falls

It is another world heritage site, where the water fall gushes down from a wide cliff which is of the double size of the Niagara Falls. Also the surrounding jungle makes the scenery complete and more enhancing

Mbatobi Eco Reserve

This reserve is situated between states of Paraguarí and Piribebuy, which lies in the middle of the Cordillera del Los Altos. It has a breath taking panoramic view, the lake inside the reserve is very pure and un-polluted which gives life to the different species. Birds, reptiles and mammals are common in sight here.

The Cerro Cora Natural park

It is the biggest vast area protected by the government. The highlights of this region is the varied dry tropical forests, different types of savannah and steppe hills which contains many beautiful natural wonder within it. It also has a strong history of the country’s culture which can be depicted from the various caves and petro glyphs which were made during the pre-Colombian era. Bird watching is another special feature of this reserve.

The Tropical Destination Of Paraguay


Hiking, fishing and camping are the most common adventurous activities one can do while staying in Paraguay. The Ybycuí region, the nature trails in the Parque National Cerro Corá and the Villa Florida are the best spots. Even the mountain climbing is very common.

Flea Markets

There are various flea markets in the region and among them the open market is a place which is stocked with different types of loose weave cotton clothing’s, handicrafts and other materials. This is a weekend market and is the hottest spot for the locals and the tourists.

Street Markets

Many by walk markets are there in the region which makes shopping very convenient and attractive. Among these Marcado quarto is name which is most common. It is stocked with different things, it stretches to few blocks on the lane. And the prices are quite bargaining here.

The Local Cuisine

The bilingual combination of Mexican, Spanish and Gaurani culture the cuisine is influenced by these tastes of this culture. The traditional dishes constitute the Mandioca, Sopa Paraguaya, and the Chipá Guazú which will be found both in the dinner and lunch and are very famous. On special occasions a strong drink named carullin is served which is made out of sugarcane beer and flower extracts. Tourists love the variety in tastes in the region and fondly relish them.

The Tropical Destination Of Paraguay

Earlier the Paraguay region was not much visited, but now with the upcoming tourism enhancements it is the most visited spots in the tourism industry. The best time to visit this diverse region is from April till September, as this is the peak season for tourism and also includes the festive months of Paraguay.

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