Vivo Introduces Its First Commercial Display Fingerprint Sensor Smartphone

At the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Vivo has unveiled its first commercial smartphone. The smartphone has an in-display fingerprint sensor which is provided by Synaptics. According to the company, the device is ready for production and also the company showed how one could unlock the device by simply putting the finger on the display. The technology called display fingerprint sensor been long awaited and expected in smartphones.  Vivo has been planning to produce display fingerprint sensor smartphones for a long time and they also addressed the public in December that it will be the first company to introduce smartphone with display fingerprint sensor.

At last year’s MWC, Vivo demonstrated a concept phone equipped with an under display fingerprint sensor which was provided by Qualcomm.  Unfortunately, the sensor was not that responsive after it has been released by Vivo. Last year, Synaptics declared that they have entered mass manufacturing of in-display fingerprint sensors which is also known as Clear ID. Vivo confirmed recently that it has got the first batch of sensors. We are only aware of the in-display fingerprint sensor related to the phone however, nothing else is known about the phone.

Although Vivo confirmed that the handset will be announced this year however, it did not give any confirmation about the exact date. As we will approach its launch, we will come to know more about the phone.  However, the good news is in-display fingerprint sensor has been introduced by Vivo and more and more companies will be embracing this new technology.

The fingerprint sensor has been moved to the back side of the full-screen smartphones by the manufacturers however the users have not really liked this solution much. Vivo is the pioneer in introducing fingerprint scanning technology and solution. Alex Feng, a Senior Vice President of Vivo confirmed that a prototype of the fingerprint scanning solution was presented at MWC Shanghai 2017 and the company has really pushed hard to realize the vision for future smartphones.  In-display fingerprint scanning is a big step ahead which will certainly give a better mobile experience to the customers. These smartphones would be available to the consumers soon.

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