Volkswagen is Opening Three New Factories in China

Volkswagen is a German automaker. It got released on 28th of May in the year 1937. German Labour Front found this and headquarter is in Wolfsburg. According to the worldwide sales, they are the largest automaker in the year 2016. The meaning of the name Volkswagen is people’s car. They are satisfying the needs of common people from days past. No one is having any problem with the cars of this company and the service they are receiving from the car. The short form of Volkswagen is VW. Meanwhile, they are Volkswagen opening three new factories in China.

Volkswagen is opening three new factories

Volkswagen is opening three new factories and all of them are present in China. They are in partnership with FAWVolkswagen opened their first factory in QingdaoVW opened their first factory on Monday that is on 28th of May 2018. The opening of the first factory took place on the date of their foundation anniversary. They will soon open the other two factories in Foshan and Tianjin. The factories will open one after another, that is in June and then in August.

Plan of Volkswagen by opening three new factories

By the year 2025, Volkswagen is planning to produce around 40 BEV and PHEV models of vehicles. This production is for the Chinese market. They are planning to sell 1.5 million EVs and 15 new models of vehicles. The 15 new models of vehicles will release in the year 2020. The release will take place on the new platform of MQB.

There is also an increment in the recent sum of investment which the Volkswagen is paying. They announced a plan at the Bejing Motor. According to the plan, they will invest a total of 15 billion euros in autonomous driving, EVs and digitalization. They will also include the services of mobility in China. By the year 2022 Volkswagen is having joint venture partners FAW, SAIC and JAC.

Other plans of Volkswagen by 2022

By the year 2022 Volkswagen is also planning to start the production of BEVs. The production will start in at least six factories in China. They are moving towards a fair deal with their partners FAW. They want to build the electrified vehicles and manage the production of combustion in the same line. BMW also shared this approach.

Foshan factories will have the main motive of building the electrified SUVs. According to the manufacturer, they will also be having a major role in Volkswagen’s Roadmap E. The third factory in Tianjin will help in taking the production of SUV forward.

The joint venture of FAW and VW is mainly aiming at bringing competition for the EV s at China in low budget.

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