World War 3 : The World is on High Alert Currently

Conflict Causing World War 3

There is a tension between Russia and US. This tension can spark a global conflict. This global conflict is leading to World War 3. Donald Trump of US and Vladimir Putin engage themselves in a war of words. This war of words is over the ongoing of atrocities in Syria.

Previous Incidents Which May Be Leading to World War 3

Russia gave a warning to the president of US Donald Trump. If US attack Damascus, then Russia will attack the US too. Valery Gerasimov is the chief of Russia’s general stuff, he only issued the threat. He claimed that were preparing for faking a Government attack of chemicals. This attack was against civilians.

The US will be using this as a pretext for accusing Syrian government troops, is among one of the claiming of Mr Gerasimov. There were crowds which include women, children and old people from some other religion. This crowd was to represent the victims of the chemical incident. This crowd was present in several districts of Eastern Ghouta. This was also among one of the statements of Mr Gerasimov. This is said to be one of the major reason leading to the World War 3.

If threat detected for the lives of the military then the armed force of Russia will be taking retaliatory measures. They will take retaliatory measures against both the carriers and missiles that will use them.

The US department gave a response to the allegations. The US department related to defence urged Russia for stopping the creation of distraction. Bashar Al Assad is the Syrian president and Russia is supporting him. They continued the airstrikes over outside the Damascus. It is a rebel-held enclave which is situated on Eastern Ghouta.

There were reports from the charity Medicin San Frontiers on 13th of April. According to the reports, there were 344 wounded people and killing is around 71. The killing is in East Ghouta which took place every day for the last fortnight.

This may be the main reason leading to World War 3.

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